AeroSleep game

Contest Rules

  1. Introduction

    These rules establish the modalities of all competitions organised by AeroSleep nv through its websites or other online channels (such as Youtube, Facebook, etc.).

    The competitions of AeroSleep nv are accessible to all natural persons living in a country of the European Union, except for members of staff of AeroSleep nv and their co-habiting family members. AeroSleep nv reserves the right to deny persons the right to enter its competitions.

    By entering the competitions of AeroSleep nv, every participant accepts the present rules and all relevant rulings. AeroSleep may change these rules at any time whatsoever by reporting such changes on this competition website.

  2. Organisation

    These rules are published on the website of AeroSleep nv and can be printed from it. AeroSleep nv respects the privacy of all participants and ensures that all personal information submitted by participants are treated confidentially and with utmost care. Your data will not be passed on to third parties.

    AeroSleep nv may enter the personal data in its database to inform participants about future actions, relevant products or offers. If you do not want this, please send an e-mail to You are at all times entitled to consult these data or have them corrected. With every electronic mail that you receive from AeroSleep nv, you will have the opportunity to deregister for future communications. We strictly observe the privacy laws of 8/12/1992 and 11/12/1998 and the e-commerce law of 11/03/2003. We may use data regarding the internet conduct for optimising our prize contests and products.

  3. How to enter the competition

    Entering the competition is only possibly through and such in the following way: each participant must, under penalty of being ruled out, register himself/herself on the website completely and correctly indicating his/her name, first name, address, e-mail address and the date of birth of his/her youngest child. The registration page must be filled in completely.

    Participants know and accept that the data entered on the registration form serve as proof of identity. Participants are bound by them as soon as the information entered by them has been confirmed. The organiser reserves the right to check the correctness of the data submitted by participants.

    Participants commit themselves to complete the registration form in good faith and to provide the organiser with correct data. This means that your personal data must be true and correct and that you must log in as the person who you are, not using data from another person. If it becomes clear that your log-in data do not match reality, you will loose the right to win a prize. The prize will then be distributed to the next, correct winner. Participants can but register once on the AeroSleep website. If it appears that a participant has been registered several times, he or she will be excluded from the competition.

    Participants are not due any compensation to AeroSleep nv for entering an online competition.

    Minors are allowed to enter a competition provided they have obtained prior consent from their parents (or from the person exercising parental authority). If a minor enters a competition, this implies that he/she has obtained such permission. AeroSleep nv reserves the right to ask for a written confirmation of such obtained consent and to check this in any other way and also to exclude minors from the competition if such confirmation cannot be passed on to AeroSleep nv within the – reasonable – term indicated by it.

  4. Proceeding of the competition

    Every participant must register himself/herself on the website and answer the competition question correctly. It concerns a general knowledge question to which participants must give the correct answer. If more than one participant submits a correct answer, the winner is established by drawing lots among all participants who gave a correct answer.

    The winners are published on the competition website and will be informed personally by e-mail or phone. This e-mail message will be sent to the e-mail address under which the participant registered himself/herself. If this appears not to be correct and/or if there is no response when so asked within the preset term, the right to a prize expires.

    The questions and their solutions as well as changes, if any, cannot be disputed. In all cases in which there is any doubt or a mistake with regard to the correct answer and the designation of the winners, AeroSleep nv can take all measures it deems fit to ensure a correct proceeding of the competition.

  5. Establishing of winners / Prizes

    The winner is the person answering the general knowledge question correctly. Upon a tie, the winner is established by lot. Every month, only one person can be designated as winner. The result of a competition is binding and irrevocable. It cannot be challenged. Draws and publications of winners are final.

    Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or other benefits in kind, nor can they be transferred to third parties. Winners are informed on how they can obtain their prizes. The prizes won are sent by post to the address indicated by the winner. Winners can also be asked to take some pictures of their prize in use and send them to AeroSleep NV. These pictures will only be used for social media purposes and will not be in any way used for commercial purposes.

    AeroSleep nv may at any time change a prize for production- or content-related reasons.

  6. Liability of AeroSleep nv

    Entering the competition implies knowledge and acceptance of the features and limitations of the internet, particularly of its technical performances, the risk of interruptions and, more in general, the risks inherently associated with every connection and transmission through the internet, the non-protection of certain data against re-routing and the risks of infection by network viruses, if any.
    Accordingly, AeroSleep nv cannot be held liable for, among others:

    • transmissions through the internet,
    • improper functioning of the internet and/or the software used,
    • the consequences of viruses, bugs, anomalies, technical flaws,
    • any technical, hardware and software flaw of whatever kind or nature.

    AeroSleep nv cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage resulting from any interruption or dysfunction, the exclusion of participants or the cancellation of the competition for whatever reason. This also applies to damage resulting from a connection to its site.

    Every participant must take all necessary measures to protect its own data and/or software programmes on its IT equipment and/or its site against any damage whatsoever. Connecting to the site of AeroSleep nv and entering the competition fall under the exclusive responsibility of the participants only.

    AeroSleep nv reserves the right to check whether its rules are observed and, particularly, to exclude every participant misusing them. On the other hand, AeroSleep nv cannot be compelled to systematically check all submitted forms and it may limit itself to checking the winners only. AeroSleep nv is not responsible for any damage, physical injury or accident that might occur pursuant to winning a prize and/or entering a competition.

    AeroSleep nv is not liable for any (visible and/or hidden) defect and/or any other damage to prizes.

    AeroSleep nv is not responsible for not being able to deliver a prize if the participant submitted insufficient or incorrect contact data when entering the competition.

    AeroSleep nv is not responsible for potential faults from the part of postal and/or courier services in delivering a prize (such as delays, damage, strike or loss). If, for example, a prize is not delivered to the winner, AeroSleep nv cannot be held responsible if the winner does not pick up his/her prize at a later time, even if no communication for this was left at his/her address. Also if such communication goes lost or was unacceptably damaged; AeroSleep nv cannot be held liable.

    In case of force majeure or to ensure the correct proceeding of the competition, additions and/or changes to these rules may be published during the competition after such notification by AeroSleep nv. These will be regarded as annexes to the present rules and will be published on the website

    If AeroSleep is forced to postpone, reduce in time or withdraw a competition for force majeure or for reasons beyond its will, AeroSleep nv cannot be held liable for this in any way. AeroSleep nv reserves at all times the right to extend the competition period and to postpone any announced date.

    Upon irregularities such as, for instance, errors made by the website creator or AeroSleep nv itself, AeroSleep nv will decide autonomously about the way in which this error will be corrected and dealt with.

  7. Disputes

    • By entering the competition, participants accept all these rules as well as all decisions made by the organisers.
    • Participants implicitly agree that they may appear as winner on the website with their name and place of residence.
    • By entering your personal data, you confirm that these data are true, correct, complete and up-to-date. You recognise and accept that your personal data will be collected and processed for following up the competition.
      You are entitled, in accordance with the Privacy Act, to take cognizance of your personal data. You are entitled to demand free of charge the correction or removal of all data that concern you and that, within the scope of the intended processing, are incomplete or irrelevant. You can exercise these rights by sending such request to
    • Misprints, spelling errors or other similar errors cannot be invoked as ground for compensation for damage or any other obligation from the part of AeroSleep nv.
    • AeroSleep nv monitors the correct proceeding of the competition and has the final say in all disputes. If not all conditions of these rules are complied with or in case of any misuse, deception, fraud or bad faith, AeroSleep reserves the right to exclude the participant concerned from the competition.
    • The group AeroSleep nv is the owner of all trademarks, logos and components of the website These are protected both in and beyond the Benelux countries by the relevant copyright and trademark protection laws. Every translation, processing and reproduction, whether partial or complete, in any form whatsoever and in whatever country, is forbidden without the prior consent from the group AeroSleep nv. The website and its content (including but not limited to all texts, images, photographs, diagrams, etc.) are protected by the copyright and intellectual rights.
    • In spite of all precautions and care taken by AeroSleep nv in editing and organising the website and competition, it cannot be ruled out that information is incomplete, incorrect or inadequate (e.g. printing error, error in picture, ...). Such errors do not commit AeroSleep nv and cannot be used against it.
    • Issues not covered by these rules will be decided upon by the organisers.